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MMATS M1000.1

MMATS M1000.1

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1 x 1000 Watts RMS @ 1Ω Class D Amplifier

New heatsink design! More power and reliability! Models from 600 to 3000Wrms!
Extreme engineering from extreme power! • Ultra-Efficient Class D topology reaching 83% efficiencies at full power, provides the biggest power in the smaller chassis.
• SMT assembly and 1% resistors round out a proven Power-House for any subwoofer system.
• 67,200 mfd capacitance on the battery inputs and 25,000 mfd capacitance on the outputs reinforcing the seat of the pants feeling that you can only get from a MMats Amplifier leading many people to say “MMATS amplifiers are extremely underrated”.


MMATS will actually apply 3 heavy coats of a high-quality Conformal Coating to both the top and bottom of the PCB. This will insure you get the most protection to the circuitry so if something does fail, the board is protected and should be able to be repaired. Note: this does not make the amplifier water-proof. Care should be taken to not let the amplifier get wet. You can apply an additional coat (Mercury Marine has a puff-can conformal sealer) to the RCA and battery connections. All amplifiers that are purchased with this option will receive a white top-plate to indicate it as Marine-ready. -EXTRA COST

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