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HERTZ ML Power 1

HERTZ ML Power 1

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Mille power amplifiers are born to fully enhance the outstanding performance of the Mille speakers. The new ADC (ADVANCED D-CLASS TECHNOLOGY) ensures pure listening pleasure while keeping a compact size with unmatched power efficiency. The heat sink, engineered with double technology, extrusion and aluminium die-casting, enables the Mille Power amplifiers to work constantly at full power without ever overheating, further maximizing thermal efficiency. The powerful mono Hertzaudio car amplifier ML Power 1 (1000 W – stable at 1 Ω) is perfect to drive the Mille subwoofers.  The filters combination adopted for the Mille Power line is extremely flexible and ensures they can be used in any configuration. The active crossovers of MLPower 1 feature a 24 dB/Oct. adjustable slope Lo-Pass filter to adapt to every need. The control section, protected by a removable panel, can be accessed from the top for an effortless tuning.

Data table

Channel mode 1
Output Power (RMS) 
@ 14.4 VDC
1 Ch 600 W x 1 (4Ω)
1 Ch 1000 W x 1 (2Ω)
1 Ch 1000 W x 1 (1Ω)




40 ÷ 500 Hz @ 24 dB/Oct.

18 ÷ 40 Hz @ 24 dB/Oct.
Distortion - THD 
(100Hz @ 4Ω)
0.08 %
S/N Ratio 
(A weighted @ 1V)
105 dB
Damping factor 
(100Hz @ 4Ω)
Size W x D x H 
mm (in.)
170 x 349 x 46.70 (6.69 x 13.74 x 1.84)



    Ensures pure listening pleasure while keeping a compact size with unmatched power efficiency.

    It monitors the amplifiers operating status in real time pointing out possible faults such as overheating, excessive loads on the outputs or short-circuits on cables or loudspeakers. This information allows the user to identify possible issues with the installation and to intervene before the amplifier goes into protection to prevent any damages.
  • HDP IN & ART(TM)

    The ML Power IN module features a Speaker In input (with balanced circuitry minimizing noise) for OEM head units and an RCA IN input for aftermarket sources. When the Speaker In is used, the ART™ function (Automatic Remote Turn On-Off) is enabled, managing the amplifier remote turn on to avoid unpleasant “bumps”.

    The heat sink, engineered with double technology, extrusion and aluminium die-casting, enables the Mille Power amplifiers to work constantly at full power without ever overheating, further maximizing thermal efficiency.
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