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DS18 G4000.5D Full-Range Class D 5-Channel Amplifier 4000 Watts

DS18 G4000.5D Full-Range Class D 5-Channel Amplifier 4000 Watts

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DS18 G4000.5D Full-Range Class D 5-Channel Amplifier
4000 Watts

DS18’s GEN-X Series has a successor, which we would love to introduce. This time, new options with the G series G4000.5D: a car audio amplifier equipped with all the special benefits you expect from DS18’s components!

The experts at DS18 have redesigned the renowned GEN-X series to surpass the expectations of the competitors and enthusiasts in our community looking to complete the system of their dreams.

Our GEN-X Series amplifiers deliver massive amounts of power with unmatched reliability and efficiency so you can trust the heart of your system will never give out.

As a Class D amplifier, the GEN-X series uses power transformers significantly smaller than your average amplifier, making it the perfect size for any vehicle’s custom build: but, what it lacks in size it makes up for in power.

The G4000.5D has a power output of 420W x 2 CH bridged at 4-ohms, 220W x 4 CH at 2-ohms, 130W x 4 CH at 4-ohms: perfect power settings to supercharge any custom build.

Order the G4000.5 to boost your car’s audio today!


  • Small and powerful design so you can power your subs with great efficiency and power without taking up much space
  • Integrated low pass and high pass filter to help you get the perfect response you are looking for.
  • High quality terminals that look great and will transfer your power and signal with no loss.
  • Included remote knob and cable for fast and easy line attenuation.
  • High level inputs for seamless factory integration.

Great For

  • Car Audio
  • Pro Audio
  • Motorcycles
  • Hi-Fi installation
  • Off-Road
  • DIY Projects

Technical Details 
Total Watts (Peak) 4000W
RMS Power @ 4 ohm 4 x 130W / SUB: 300W
RMS Power @ 2 ohm 4 x 220W / SUB: 600W
RMS Power @ 1 ohm SUB: 900W
RMS Power @ 4 ohm Bridge 2 x 420W
Frequency Response 20Hz-20Khz
Signal to Noise Ratio >90dB
Efficiency @ 4ohm 0.83
Damping Factor 78
Input Impedance 22K
Channel Separation 55dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.0001
Low Level Input Range 0.25-6V
High Level Input No
Selectable X-Over HPF/LPF
X-Over Filter Range HPF:10-250Hz / LPF:50-250Hz
Bass Boost Range 0-12dB
Bass Boost Frequency Fixed @ 45Hz
Infrasonic Filter 10-50Hz
Phase Selector No
Amplifier Class Digital (D)
Amplifier Type 5CH Full Range
Number of Channels 5CH
Minimum Impedance 2ohm St / 4ohm Bridge / 1ohm Sub
Led Indicator Power / Protection / Clip
Power Input Terminal Size 4ga
Fuse Size 160A
Remote Level Control Yes
Cooling Fan No
Voltmeter  No
Thermal Protection Yes
Over-Load Protection Yes
DC Output Protection Yes
Short Circuit Output Protection Yes
Voltage Input Protection Yes
Clipping Protection  Yes
Body Color / Finish Matte black
Overall Length 12.8" / 325mm
Overall Wide 4.72" / 120mm
Overall Height 1.96" / 50mm
Heatsink Length  10.9" / 278mm
Gross Single Unit Weight 2.2KG

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